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We’re AlphaBlit, a Brighton-based micro-code studio specializing in mobile/desktop/console development and optimization for the games industry. Our combined history with over 35 years of development experience has given us a solid foundation to help with the heavy-lifting required to bring high-quality and high-performance games to market.

Core principles

Rapid iteration

We strive to eliminate bottlenecks and automate repetitive tasks in workflow wherever we find it so we can improve productivity and stay focused on developing world class solutions. By minimizing time between test runs we are able to produce results that yield critical insights to increasing performance. Also by streamlining repetitive or lengthy tasks early in development we are able to ensure the long-term gain outweighs the short-term pain of inefficient and error-prone pipelines. We advocate stand-alone PC builds where relevant to cut down on build and deployment times and facilitate profiling on the desktop.


Feature-driven development processes often neglect one of the most important criterion for success – a solid frame rate. The wide range of potential platforms and device capabilities have increased the difficulty of one-size-fits-all solutions, and requires use of a multitude of tools and techniques to quickly identify bottlenecks. By evaluating the cost of rendering times, fill rates, memory allocations and load times across low-end and high-end devices, we can help identify flexible solutions that can be integrated into your existing pipelines in order to keep your game responsive to end users and increase your ratings.


We believe in developing bullet-proof software that will survive soak-testing and run reliably on a wide variety of devices. By performing extensive memory profiling we are able to define memory footprints and help establish budgets for art assets, game code and external plug-ins. We can also integrate reporting tools during content creation, data-builds, and at runtime to help increase visibility of memory problems during feature development and avoid instability caused by memory pressure when budgets are exceeded on device.



Matt Rubin

Matt is a seasoned software engineer over with over 16 years of games-industry experience. Before co-founding AlphaBlit, Matt helped ship over a dozen mobile games for iOS/Android, and is credited with several console games such as Split/Second (with BlackRock Studio), the MotoGP series (for Climax Racing) and the NBA Ballers franchise (at Midway Games).


With a deep knowledge of graphics, lighting and shaders and a proven track record in CPU/GPU profile-guided games optimization, memory management, and streamlining content-creation pipelines, Matt has helped game teams operate more efficiently, and improve quality, stability and performance across the board. Matt has given presentations of his work at the Develop Conference and at GDC Europe and has several published articles to his credit.

Neil Hutchinson

Neil made the move from the aerospace sector to the games industry in 1997 when he joined Rare Ltd. Seven years at Rare cutting his teeth on console and handheld development nurtured a fondness for assembly language programming that has never really gone away. In early 2004 Neil left Rare to form a startup focussing on the Nintendo DS handheld. Sadly this didn’t flourish so in April 2005 he moved to Climax Racing (which became Disney’s Black Rock Studio), joining the team that went on to produce several successful racing titles across the seventh generation of games consoles and PC.


Disney’s closure of Black Rock Studio led directly to Neil co-founding Big Bit – a mobile focussed studio that went on to produce 12 titles across iOS and Android in five years. And now AlphaBlit – 4 console generations, 9 programming languages, 12 game engines, 20 years, 22 game credits and countless technologies in the making!




11 Jew Street, Brighton
East Sussex BN1 1UT
United Kingdom

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